Cheap Majorca Apartments

Many people who visit the island of Mallorca return for their holidays each year. 

The residents of the island look after it and the government there don’t let developers chew up every bit of disposable coast line.  This makes an apartment in Majorca so much more exclusive than on the mainland of Spain.

In the summer demand for apartments to rent for holiday makers and for people that work in the tourist trade is very high.  Mallorca apartments for sale can be snapped up very quickly if they are in the right location.  Places likePalma, calas de mallorca, cala d’or and alcudia are very popular as more people want the flexibility of self catering from a rented apartment instead of staying in a hotel.
If you’ve been looking at Majorca holiday apartments you will probably know that you have to budget for around 10% buying costs, and more if you are buying with a mortgage.  If you need to take a mortgage from the bank its no unrealistic to expect that some of it could be paid by income from rent, either by other holiday makes or people looking for a long term winter rental.

Some apartments can have legal problems like having illegal electricity and water, where you do not get your own utility bills.

There are many apartments but most of them have private owners and are not available for rental in this exclusive area of Majorca. may be interested in people that want long term lets of apartments and other accommodation over the winter also for lower rates than on the pricing info pages. Please contact us for further details. In the winter golf is still popular in Majorca so if any golfers are interested in a long term let we may be interested. Long term lets usually run from 1st of November to 1st of May.

Unlike much of the heavily built up mainland Majorca has stunning scenery and is clean and well kept.

The Mallorquin’s (residents of the island) don’t speak Spanish like on the main land, they speak a slightly different language like Catalan. English is very widely spoken, as well as some French and a fair bit of German. The Mallorquin’s are very proud of their island and you can see this when you visit.

Cala Dor still has plenty of nightlife, but is very different from Palma Nova and Magaluf, the usual volume tourist hot spots on the island. Cala D’or is far more exclusive. Its a great place for couples and families to relax and enjoy the surroundings and weather, as even in the winter its very mild.

October is a lovely time of the year when the sun is not too strong so you don’t have to worry about sun tan cream as much! Away from the often very inflated prices of the Costa del Sol, Cala Dor offers lower priced drinking, eating out and nightlife. Its well worth the 45 minute or so drive from the airport close to Palma

chris_L March 29, 2011 at 9:16 am

An Excellent Site, keep up the good work

Barry O'Connor April 12, 2011 at 11:41 am

My wife and I have been looking to buy on Majorca for some time now. We really like the Cala d’Or area but just haven’t found anything that completely fits our requirements. Do you know the names of any local agencies that specialise in dealing with English people so we can hopefully find our dream home?